Located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands,
we´ve grown up surrounded by the Mediterranean life style

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a unique touch.

Collecting special moments

Somera photography

  • Corporative

    Every company has its own personality. Somera humanizes each project´s vision showing its philosophy.

  • Estate agency

    Walls can talk. Every House has its own story to tell. Through architectural and interior design photography we capture the essence of the places created by and for people.

Somera Video:

  • Weddings

    Recently, wedding videos have not only been reborn but they have also being transformed. They´ve developed into delicate cinematographic pieces made not only to remember a special moment but also to be a joy to watch and move the viewer.

  • Promos

    To dynamically and clearly show the products or services that a specific bussines offers. This being one of our specialities.

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