Who we are?

We are a group of colleagues from University whom have been friends for many years.
We´ve grown up in the industry and have learnt from the very best companies on the Island. We´ve worked on TV shows, advertisements and cinema projects.

What originally started as a hobby has transformed into the most important personal project. We Love being part of people´s dreams or life's special moments, sharing feelings and emotions with all our clients.

Josep Boladeras Cerdà

Josep Boladeras

Josep comes from the cinema & advestisement world, he is well initiated in this work, and still works occasionally in the field.

LHe Loves travelling, meeting people, observing life, habits and traditions, absorbing everything and capturing these moments into videos and pictures.
He is always ready to sit down and tell a good story of his travels, or learn something new!

Guillem Alzina Frau

Guillem Alzina

Guillem is a video camera man & editor for TV shows and different projects. He´s cheerful, dynamic and comitted with what he does.
Ready to reinvent himself all the time, he never stops learning and he's consistantly motivated by the different changes that are always going on in his profession.

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